About Us

MÏL started as a hobby for us 6, but after 17 years we have become a solid company in the market.

We are different from other stores

We are experts at finding bargains and getting the best deals for our customers.
In all this time we have developed the ability to know which products work best in the market. Therefore, when we see a good product, which solves a real problem and which we love, we buy a very large volume of units, which allows us to get it at very low prices.
Unlike other companies, after purchasing the product we do not import it into a nearby warehouse. Because that means paying more taxes and a double shipment (first from the factory to the warehouse, and then from the warehouse to the customer). In the end this cost reduction, translates into a lower price for our customers. However, the shipping time is usually a little longer.

We put a lot of effort in packing all the products well so that they do not suffer during shipping, although sometimes it is normal that if your product comes in a box it is possible that the box is a little wrinkled. But that means that it fulfilled its function so that the product arrives at your hands intact.

This is our guarantee

At MÏL you will always find the best offers on the best products. We are continuously on the lookout for products that solve a problem and make our lives easier.

Since we buy a limited volume of units, we always recommend to all our customers not to miss the offers, because normally we do not bring new stock of the products sold out.

All our payments are 100% secure, we work with payment methods from all over the world and security is a must in everything we do.

All shipments are delivered. We know that sometimes it is possible to lose an order. We have been in the market for a long time and these situations exist, but they are 0.5% of all shipments. When this happens we either send the order back to the customer or we refund the purchase amount, at the customer's choice.

This is our story

Between 2003 and 2004 we brought the stock each to his house. It was a bit crazy, but with the illusion of the beginning our family and roommates put up with the volume of packages. At first we sold to acquaintances, by word of mouth and also to local shops and businesses.

Between 2005 and 2006 we rented a warehouse and started to store all the goods in one place, this allowed us to optimize time and be more efficient.



In 2007 we made the jump to social networks and started selling on Facebook pages. This allowed us to reach a large audience of users.

In 2009 we also started selling through second-hand pages to find additional market.



In 2014 we take the leap and finally launch our online store and start applying the current strategy of stock management and shipping.


In 2018 we started to expand in Europe, thanks to the great flexibility we achieved through our logistics system.


In 2019 we expanded and started selling outside Europe. For now we ship to the United States, Australia and Chile