Frequently Asked Questions

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 Where is my order?

You can track your shipment from this page by indicating your email and order number.

Please note that the delivery time is 15-25 for most European countries. We are committed to making 100% deliveries of orders. If there is any incidence in your shipment, we will send a new unit. Every day a member of our team checks all shipments for possible incidents, so we are taking care of it.

Check the shipping policy here:

 MÏLWATCH: instructions for use

If you have any questions about how to use your watch, please consult the instructions on this page:

 MÏLWATCH: Additional data

- It does work with Huawei, Samsung, iPhone and Xiaomi
- The length of the strap is 18 cm
- The watch is nickel-free
- It is water resistant, but we recommend not to immerse it for a long time, not to do it in warm/hot water and not to shower with it.

 Request a refund

If you want to request a return, you must send photographs of the product showing that it is in perfect condition (with all its protective plastic), both the product and the shipping box and the shipping envelope showing your details. You must show 1 photograph of the product on top of the shipping envelope showing your details.

If you want to request a return because the product has some damage, you must show it. You can use both photographs and videos.

Consult the return policy here:

 Contact options

You can contact us using the form below or by writing an email to

⚠️ Please, do not send your message several times with only 1 message is enough. Keep in mind that those of you who send messages several times, besides saturating the folder so that we can respond to other clients, take longer to respond because we have to read the same thing several times.

⚠️ Please, we ask you to be respectful. A human being will read your message and respond to you in a personalised way. You will not receive better attention by insulting or disrespecting us, you will surely get the opposite. 

We are here to help you 

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