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Getting up early is not a habit you should work on, going to bed early is

Getting up early is not a habit you should work on, going to bed early is

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You've probably heard things like "who gets up early God helps", "it's important to get up early to have a productive day" and similar comments. Recently more and more books and people are talking about the subject and how important it is to get up early and the results it produces for those people. 

And yes, we don't doubt that starting to produce a few hours earlier than the average person will give you additional results and you can be more productive because you will save on interruptions. 

But Getting Up Early Is Not A Habit You Should Work On. 

Usually when people understand the power of getting up early, they set that alarm on their phone and go to bed a little earlier. But we have all fallen into that mistake. 

In global terms you are sleeping less hours. The first few days you will find it hard to get up and get up early and you will attribute that resistance to waking up earlier, and it is partly so. But there will come a point when you will have got into the habit of getting up early, you will get up with energy and start your work.

Within a few hours or minutes, you will feel a tremendous drop in energy. The cause of this is that you did not sleep enough. Wanting to be productive without enough sleep is like wanting to be fit without exercising.

The habit you should establish in your life is to go to bed earlier.

Make sure you get the hours of sleep you need. Don't tell yourself lies. Remember when you were a teenager or went to college. At that time in your life you probably had more freedom to sleep and had less problems with this. How many hours did you sleep? 

Find out how many hours your body needs to rest.

This varies greatly from person to person. Don't settle for the typical 8-hour reference, because every person is a world. There are people who at 6 hours can cope with the full pace of their day and others need 9 hours of sleep and a nap after lunch. Accept what your body needs.

Take care of your body by sleeping the hours it needs and it will take care of you longer. 

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