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    Acne Laser Pen MÏL™

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    Acne Laser Pen MÏL™


    Laser treatment for acne

     Apply directly to acne-affected skin. Leave it on for 10 seconds (a beep will sound to warn you to move on to the next area).

     This treatment is qualified for home use, is painless, comfortable and safe.

     You can use it for very active acne but also for sporadic pimples. It dries and reduces pimples very quickly.

     The device is charged with a USB cable and is small in size (as long as a 6'' mobile phone), so you can take it with you on a trip or in your bag.


     This Laser Pen is the best treatment for:

    Reduce acne and the bacteria that produce it.

    Improve acne scars.

    Nourishes and whitens the skin.

    Promotes collagen formation, thus reducing wrinkles and has a facelift effect.


       The laser pen combines 3 technologies to radically improve your facial skin.


       Blue light of 415 nm

      Specific blue wavelengths of 415nm have been shown in the trial, twice a week, after eight treatments, can reduce 90% of acne bacilli, 70% of inflammatory symptoms, but also reduces oil secretion and fine paper pores. The high purity and bright blue light, can tighten the loose skin, fine pores, can effectively eliminate acne bacteria, erythema, oily skin, severe allergic skin has a good effect.

       42 degree heat lymphatic drainage

      Acne in young skin is counteracted by the application of heat stable at 42 degrees. This produces a small evaporation in the skin to solve the problem of the growth of bacteria that produce acne from the root, and thus keep the skin clean and prevent the growth of new acne.

       Anti-inflammatory pain BIO microcurrent

      Microbiological BIO current technology to activate skin cells to stimulate collagen regeneration and repair to help restore the skin's natural elasticity and restore its normal metabolic function The cells regain vitality, round and shiny, can wrinkle the skin, anti-inflammatory pain. Its use is very comfortable and safe.






      €39,99 €99,99

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